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Nobody likes cold weather, cold room, cold hands. Therefore, who wants cold calls?

Whenever you are at the starting point of your entrepreneurial path, especially as a solo founder, a sales position in a corporation, or whatever position to engage with future clients, you will face the phone challenge one day.

Simply because you need to create an authentic bond with your prospect and texts are limited to express ourselves and interact efficiently.

The first time of my life I faced this, I shared two…

The magic of Ruby’s respond_to method

Ruby, which became popular with the Ruby on Rails framework, is one of the most underrated programming languages among modern developers.

Perhaps you’re coming from the JavaScript world with a lot of frameworks, or from Java and all of its complexity.

If you’ve had enough of wasting your time building software that matters and you want concrete results as soon as possible, let me introduce you to Ruby.

First, I’ll introduce you to the concept of metaprogramming.

The first time I learned Ruby, my mind was blown when…

Encouraging all those who have difficulty finding a specific path

Woman aircraft worker — Photo by Library of Congress

World War II. Six years of global conflict between the vast majority of the world’s countries.

Labor mobilization of women was the response to the urgent need for keeping the war production at its best.

The civilian workforce with expertise was rapidly expanding in the war industry.

High demand for military technologies, new aircraft, ships, munitions and medical innovations.

The high priority to complete tasks and the urgent situation for human resources were the main cause of specialization. Even during The Great Depression.

This is how specialization shaped the world.

The society still values specialists by their achievements in their…

3 reasons why developers sanctify technologies

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I recently post an article about React and VueJS.

I explain why I choose React over VueJS. Yet, I posted a lot of articles about different topics on software engineering, but this last was my most popular one.

Why ?

Do I have to conclude that people are thirsty to know what’s the most important framework to choose between React and VueJS ?

I learned React and VueJS and compared both, promoting React as the winner.

But it isn’t.

It’s a point of view and some comparisons are more biased than another.

I had 3 types of readers:

  • The React…

Leverage on-promise object storage with Ceph

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The way media storage is stored today is completely different from several years ago. Cloud storage companies like Amazon (AWS) or Microsoft (Azure) have revolutionized the development and productivity of our applications.

Object Storage

You can store everything in real life: data, DNA, paper, food, money… For each of these you have many ways to do it. You could store money in a wallet or in a bank account, it depends of your needs.

It’s the same with data, the new gold mine of the 21st century. There is data everywhere, different support, different types. But what’s the best way to store…

AWS Lamda has better watch out

FaaS, Fonction As A Service, is the new way to make your applications serverless.

If serverless is a new word for you, keep in mind that it’s like a microservice but smaller, processing only one task. This service is executed every time you make a request.

Bring more meaning to your projects

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Pandemics, conflicts, protests, injustice … 2020 is by far the best year to reflect on what we do. What the purpose and is that really worth it ?

I like to discover new technologies, I like to experiment with new frameworks, new languages to build products I find cool.

It’s important to learn every day, never stop this habit. Learn about topics you don’t master well: UX/UI designs, marketing, entrepreneurship, motion design

Why ? Because sooner or later you’re going to need it to do something meaningful.

Maybe you are in a situation looking for meaning in your project, in…

Make the right choice for your web app

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The day I started modern front-end development, I made a decision every single developer does: choosing the right framework.

It was the time to stop making ugly-unstructured-plain-old-JavaScript with jQuery.

Let’s enter in the new era of the trendy-shiny-popular-modular-JavaScript framework.

So I choose VueJS.

Here are the reasons why I loved (and still love) VueJs.

1. It Keeps My Precious HTML/CSS/JS Structure in One Place

By far, this is the number one argument to sell VueJS.

Vue files are very appealing for beginners. It’s simple to understand and easy to break your entire HTML template to Vue files.

I can find out, at a glance, the structure (template), the behavior (script)…

At the beginning of the 2019 year, I started a new goal: reading at least 1 book a month. However, the most not so easy habit to adopt was to free some time in the schedule. Later, I found how audio-books are amazing and time saving. Listening my books on the car, during my work… I am started to be addicted.

Of course, some of the books I read sucked completely, so they can’t have their place in my must-read list.

Here are some of my favorite books I read.

#5 — Quiet, The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain

Personal development

Everybody doesn’t feel the need to write, but we all need to externalize our feelings, our thoughts. Writing is a good way to do it, and blogging is a way to write that helps you to liberate your mind.

In my point of view, blogging is just a way to express yourself. It could be on an online blog, a notebook, a personal note, on your favorite notes app, a newspaper article… The choice is totally yours.

I started my blog at 14 and I really sucked at it.

And you know what? I’m still suck at it.

I’m still…

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